10 Tips on choosing a Domain name for your Blog

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Choosing the right domain name is one of the things that are important when looking to build a blog (or website).

A beginner just learning blogger blogging usually doesn't think are ripe when it wants to choose a domain name (including my first).

10 Tips on choosing a Domain name for your Blog

In fact I actually a lot of important things to note.

Please note only tips on choosing a domain name for the blog below.

1. Do not use a free domain

The first thing to note is as much as possible not to use the free domain.
Free domain is usually sought by the novice bloggers don't waiting to use own domain but don't have money or mock don't have money to pay a paid domain.
Such examples include free domain .TK,. GA, .ml, etc.

The reason:
Free domain is not entirely free, usually free of charge the first year or are there hidden requirements. The PAL domain access could lose a mate without notice (I 've never experienced it)
Free domain is often used by blogs-blog spam. Someday could hit banned by Google (used to have already happened)
Ugly, not professional, not cool

2. Forget the EMD, choose brandable domain

EMD or Exact-Match Domain is a domain that is using targeted keyword to get rankings on the search engines.

For example, a PAL likes to target the keyword "how to make a cake" well buddy was able to use the Exact-Match Domain "URwww.cara-membuat-kue.com"

Whereas a brandable domain is the domain name that you prefer branding rather than keywords. The example simply as google.com, yahoo.com, facebook.com, etc.
For reserved EMD vs brandable domain actually still often a debate among bloggers. It is argued is better because the EMD can help improve your ranking in the search engines, there are also argued if brandable domains are much nicer.

I personally prefer to use brandable domain rather than using a domain solely for the pursuit of a keyword.

The first reason is because I think the Exact-Match Domain is not so influential on the ranking in the search engines, especially Google.

Both because the Exact-Match Domain is identical to the web-web spam and also web-web of low quality.

Not surprised if in 2012 yesterday Google updating Algorithm for reducing the Exact-Match Domain web of low quality in the search results.

Not at all, PAL can still use the keyword in the domain name's origin is not an Exact-Match Domain.
Examples include tokopedia.com online store website. These domains contain the keyword "stores", but still there is brand.

3. Do not use the trademark in a domain name

This one usually is often overlooked by a when registering a domain name.

When using the trademark or trademark belonging to another person on a domain name can be the risky blog we are required by the owner of the trademark.

For example, a friend makes a blog with domain name mbahgoogle.com, it is not impossible that later Google will contact party PAL to demand fines 500juta because using their trademark without permission.

So check it first before you enrolled the domain names are domain names that contain select PAL trademark or not.

4. Select the extensions .com, .NET or ccTLD

When PAL looking for domain name try to find domains with the extension. COM.The reason because this domain extension is the most popular on the internet.

Most people who still lay on the internet consider all the website address on the internet behind it. COM. So so don't make puzzled laymen wear extension. COM.

If PAL did not find the right domain name with the extension .com, the alternative could be using the .NET extension (the second most popular domain extensions).

But if the .com and .NET don't exist that fit, the third alternative is to use the ccTLD.

Most people will recommend .org as a third alternative, but I'd recommend ccTLDsince .org less suitable to be mounted on the blog.

What is a ccTLD?

ccTLD stands for Country Code top-level Domain, a domain extension devoted to certain countries.

For example:

.ID = Indonesia (sugeng.id)

.DE = Germany

.ES = Spain.

.In = India

.JP = Japan

.DLL = stands for "and others"

5. Create a unique domain name may be

Make a domain name may be unique PAL, don't imitate an existing domain name.

For example, the blog PAL discusses technology, so try not to use the word "Techno" on your domain name.

Because as far as I can see has been very many blogs-technology blogs that uses the word "Techno" in its domain name.

I think it was the too market.

6. Make sure easily typed, remembered and pronounced

In addition, the domain name must also be easy to select PAL typed, to remember and pronounce. It is important to make it easier for us in doing the blog promotion, especially offline promotion.

If for example there is a neighbouring or wildlife ask blog address us, we so don't confuse explain.

Here are some tips so that the domain name easy buddy typed, memorable, and pronounced or 3D.

Avoid using numbers (example: sugeng1234321.com)
Avoid the use of dashes or symbols is not clear (example: mas-sugeng.com)
Avoid the use of difficult words are spelled (example: pronunciationtips.com or dklhfkler.com)
Avoid the use of a domain name that is too long (example: blogpalingkerendiduniamilikmassugeng.com)

7. Do not pick a domain name based on the trend

This one I actually depends on the topic of blog PAL. If the topic of the blog PAL indeed specifically discuss only topics that are trend, then no problem if so choose domain names that correspond with the trend.

For example 2015 yesterday again most trend whose name agate, dude could use domain names such as infobatuakik.com if indeed the topic blog buddy specifically discusses the agate.

But if a friend wanted to make a blog about other stones and will be managed for the long term, it will be smarter not to use the name agate on domain names.

Because it is not necessarily the agate will remain popular in the years ahead.

8. Do not use the domain of the former

The domain of the former what I mean here is the domain name that had previously register on behalf of others but the domain is already expired and can be registered again.

I actually don't matter if we use the domain has already been registered, just sometimes the former domain of web spam, pornography, viruses or other bad content.

In addition to this domain also slightly not used has been banned by the Google search engine or even already banned Google AdSense, which means if the PALusing the domain blog buddy dont gonna appear in search engines and also can not monetisation with Google AdSense.

So when my friend looking for a domain name and find cool domain names that have not been registered, soon to be checked because it is likely that domain is the domain of the former.

To check enough scars domain goes into http://whois.domaintools.com/type the desired domain name, keep clicking Search.

If there appear the words "Deleted And Available Again" means that domain is the domain of the former.
To check whether a domain has already been banned AdSense or not yet http://www.isbanned.com/wrote to live in.

9. Register a domain in the trusted places

Tips on choosing a domain name that I've described above is important, but there is one more thing that is not less important, namely choosing where to register domain names.

Do not let the buddy registers domain names in place of bad just because reason is cheaper or because there are discounts.

Of course, my friend don't want to lose access to the domain name providers have because PAL domain disappears without a trace, whether it be due to insolvency or for other reasons.

Rumahweb.com is one of the trusted domain name providers that I recommend.

10. Tips from a friend here ...

Perhaps only up to number 9 just tips on choosing a domain name that I can tell.

So that the tips of his even-numbered to 10 (ten) I like to fill it up PAL in the comments field.

Thank you.
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